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MCC (2023-2024)

Welcome to Metropolitan Community College's MCC Reimagined, 2031 Strategic Plan Interactive Site!

MCC Reimagined, 2031 outlines Metropolitan Community College (MCC)'s strategic priorities for the next ten years. The plan contains fourteen organizational goals aligning to four strategic themes. Click any of the themes below to learn more about the work MCC is doing in pursuit of impacting each theme.  

    Strategic Theme I: Emerge as a first choice

    Strategic Theme II: Evolve for maximum impact on education & workforce

    Strategic Theme III: Embrace all

    Strategic Theme IV: Elevate student, employee and community engagement

MCC is pleased to utilize the Balanced Scorecard strategic planning framework to support data-informed decision-making and goal prioritization. With the Balanced Scorecard framework, MCC will ensure equitable consideration

  1. Students, Alumni & Community
  2. Organization
  3. Resource Management
  4. Employees

MCC's organizational goals are grouped by scorecard perspective below. The roman numeral in parentheses after the name of the orgizational goal indicates the strategic theme it aligns to. Click on any perspective or organizational goal to learn more about the progress the college has made in impacting its strategic priorities.

A. Students, Alumni & Community  B. Organization C. Resource Management D. Employees
1. Enhance MCC's Brand using holistic student expenses as an expanded community asset 1. Build a world-class first impression experience 1. Expand support for underrepresented populations 1. Become a destination workplace
2. Establish a mindset for early career identification 2. Demonstrate student-focused decision making 2. Remove barriers to access 2. Emphasize employee development; personal & professional, with emphasis on student success
3. Bridge community & alumni 3. Implement an equity-centered framework 3. Develop 21st Century technology infrastructure
4. Expand high-impact practices to become a student-ready college 4. Provide high-quality programs & services 4. Promote effective & efficient fiscal stewardship of resources

Global Goal

Every IEP cycle, the Chancellor's Executive Cabinet identifies a global operational goal that is shared by all planning units across MCC. The global goal typically reflects a pressing priority or focus area. The global goal for the 2022-2023 IEP Cycle is: Increase the retention of students and employees at MCC.

Learn more about how each planning unit is impacting the global goal.

MCC Reimagined, 2031

In addition to fourteen organizational goals, the MCC Reimagined, 2031 strategic plan also includes revised mission and vision statements as well as the organization's first formally adopted set of organizational values. 

Mission: Preparing students, serving communities, creating opportunities for all.

Vision: MCC will be the Kansas City region's college of choice where all are encouraged to learn, discover, and engage.

Values: Excellence, Learning, Equity, People, Integrity

Download the MCC Reimagined Playbook below!

MCC Reimagined, 2031 Playbook

A complement to the executive summary, the MCC Reimagined, 2031 Playbook explores how the College will impact its organizational goals in mid-term. 

Every shared service and campus has its own three-year plan containing unique goals in support of the overarching organizational goals. Although the entire college shares the same mission, each campus and shared service has its own unique vision capturing where it wants to go or become in the future. The vision statements have been included in each of the three-year plans.

The Reimagined Playbook also showcases institutional achievements, student demographic data, and information about industry demand in the Kansas City Metropolitan area.

Download the MCC Reimagined Playbook below!


MCC Reimagined Playbook
MCC Reimagined Executive Summary