On Target
Development Applications Processed

Metric Definition

The percent of site plan and subdivision development applications that are completely processed within 35 days (subject to council and/or staff approval).

Target Definition

The "Target" is 100%; "Close To Target" is greater than 80%; anything less "Needs Improvement."

Organizational Effect

The City prides itself on ensuring projects are handled in a professional, timely, consistent, and accurate manner with the use of Plan Review Software and Qualified Staff to streamline the review process.

Target Data

The Planning Department defines the targets and tracks the number of site and subdivision plans submitted on a monthly basis using Energov Plan Review Software.

City Council adopted a new land use law, Chapter 160D, in July of 2021. As a result, site plans and subdivisions are no longer required to be approved by City Council unless required to do so by ordinance


The Planning Department is dedicated to streamlining and consolidating the development review process to ensure projects succeed within the confines of adopted rules and regulations. Project review time is critical to economic growth within the City.


Review Type and Target Cycle Length
Site Plan Site Plan Subdivision Plan Subdivision Plan
Reporting Period Submitted/Council Approval Submitted/Staff Approval Submitted/Council Approval Submitted/ Staff Approval Total Submitted/ Total Reviews % on Target
35 Days 17 Days  35 Days 17 Days
2022 *



23/23 47/47 100%
2021 *




40/40 100%
2020 19/19 14/14 6/6 7/7 46/46 100%
2019 17/17 5 9/9 6/6 37/37 100%