Metric Definition

The percent of site plan and subdivision development applications that are completely processed within 35 days (subject to council and/or staff approval).

The amount of investment in Downtown Goldsboro infrastructure from other funding sources (i.e., County, State, Federal, and Private) in comparison to City-funded investment (e.g., Streetscape, Public Safety Complex, Paramount, Union Station).

The percent increase of market-rate residential units in the Downtown Municipal Service District (MSD) over a three-year period.

Close to Target
Ample Water SupplyPublic Utilities

The percentage of current water demand compared to Water Treatment Plant (WTP) capacity. Five-year average water production / Current water production capacity.

On Target
Ample Wastewater SupplyPublic Utilities

The percent of wastewater demand compared to water reclamation facility capacity. One-year average wastewater treatment / Current wastewater treatment capacity.

The monetary value of Commercial and Residential permits is registered annually with the City.