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Street Pavement Condition Rating

Metric Definition

The percentage of streets that do not meet the Pavement Condition Rating (PCR) of good (80) or greater on a scale of 0-100, qualifying the roughness, surface distress, skid resistance, and deflection.

Target Definition

The "Target" is to have less than 35% of our streets rated below a PCR of 80 ; "Close to Target" is within 45%; anything greater is “Needs Improvement”.

Organizational Effect

In 2016, residents of Goldsboro passed a $7 million Infrastructure Bond to go towards street resurfacing and dirt street paving. Near the beginning of this process in 2017, the percentage of streets that did not fall in the 80-100 rating was 60%. After two rounds of projects, the percentage in 2019 moved closer to the target with a 50% of the streets falling outside of the 80-100 rating. The COVID-19 pandemic prevented resurfacing during the 2020 fiscal year. After falling behind a year, the final street bond money was used for resurfacing in the 2021 fiscal year. At the completion of this most recent project, the city has 55.4% of our streets below the PCR 80 rating. Since pavement conditions continuously degrade, appropriate annual funding is a vital part of the success of this departmental metric.

Target Data

The Engineering Department defines the targets and manually performs a pavement condition survey. The survey is performed by conducting a “windshield” survey of all 160+ miles of streets in our maintenance inventory and assigning a rating based on various pavement distresses identified during the survey. These ratings are performed on every street segment within our maintenance inventory every 3-5 years, as recommended by the Institute of Traffic Research Engineering (ITRE), and updated as maintenance is performed.


Evaluation of transportation assets is an important part of ensuring safe and efficient travel and movement of goods. Thus, decisions associated with maintaining or rehabilitating transportation assets are paramount to the sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and overall satisfaction of our streets.


City of Goldsboro Resurfacing Projects

Fiscal Yr. Contract Amount Change Orders Totals Contractor and Award Date
2010-11 $498,911.60 $55,498.89 $554,410.49 S.T.Wooten Construction -April 18, 2011
2012-13 $407,155.81 $245,551.47 $652,707.28 Barnhill Contracting Company- April 15, 2013
2014-15 $529,917.70 $60,132.55 $590,050.25 Barnhill Contracting Company- July 21, 2014
2015-16 $478,261.00 $201,019.03 $679,280.03 Barnhill Contracting Company- September 8, 2015
2016-17 $2,267,947.06 $321,596.22 $2,589,543.28 Turner Asphalt, Inc. - May 8, 2017
2017-18 $414,883.25 $75,000.00 $489,833.25 Barnhill Contracting Company- August 7, 2017
2018-19 $2,627,358.15 ($63,667.09) $2,563,691.06 Turner Asphalt, Inc. - September 4, 2018
2019-20 Data-Not-Available
2020-21 $1,625,328.19 ($28,171.81) $1,597,156.38 Barnhill Contracting Company - May 27, 2021




Weaver's Asphalt & Maintenance Company - April 08,2020

2021-22 Data-Not-Available