Community Reputation & Image
Why This Is Important

Due to the substantial investments made by big industry and because Baytown has played a central role in the Texas oil boom, our community acquired a reputation as an industrial town with some of the negative connotations that flow from that image. We are proud of the growth of industry in our city and want to do a better job of telling our story. This growth has created excellent, high-paying jobs and provides a stable base of resources for city services. Baytown has a unique opportunity to provide beautiful landscapes with its proximity to the coast. It is imperative that we hold ourselves to high standards of property maintenance and implement land use planning and construction standards that are consistent with the appealing image we hope to reinforce.

Status Indicators - Outcome Measures
 On Target: Performance Exceeds Benchmark
 Caution: Performance Within 5% of Benchmark OR Showing Improvement From Base Year (2016)
 Off Target: Performance Declining OR Static From Base Year (2016)
Status Indicators - Initiatives & Strategies
 Completed: Strategy has been fully implemented
 In Progress: Implementation of this strategy has begun but is not complete to-date
 Not Started: Work on this strategy has not started
Outcome Measures
Initiative Strategies