Test the fiscal and physical feasibility of dredging Bayland Island and Evergreen Bluff.

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Parks and Recreation Staff along with the Engineering Department are working to re-dredge Bayland Marina and channels due to heavy siltation caused by Hurricane Harvey.  The basin and channels were dredged prior to re-opening the marina following Hurricane Ike in 2012, however, Hurricane Harvey dumped hundreds of cubic feet of silt into the channels making it difficult to enter and exit the marina. Our consultants have mapped the channels and are preparing a proposal for an engineering contact to obtain needed Corps of Engineers and Port of Houston permits, a disposal site, bid documents and over sight of a contract to do the work.

Staff is also working with FEMA for needed funding for the project. The project could be complete before the end of 2018 or early 2019 if the permit process goes quickly.

There currently are no plans to dredge the area near Evergreen Bluff Park. The future park has not been planned yet and there are no plans or location for a boat dock. There would be a significant cost to dredging the area as well as significant time needed to gain the needed permits.  

April 6, 2018 - Council is scheduled to approve a consultant contract with Moffat & Nichol to obtain needed permits, find a disposal site, prepare plans and bid documents for the dredging of Bayland Marina basin and channels at the April 12 council meeting. The project should begin in early fall.  

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