Neighborhood Quality
Why This Is Important

With the availability of open land and our close proximity to Houston and two major airports, we will see significant residential development in the coming years. This offers an opportunity for us to prepare for that development in a way that establishes a high standard of quality for our neighborhoods. This includes things like sidewalks, street widths, setbacks and construction standards. For existing neighborhoods, it will include things like code enforcement.

Status Indicators - Outcome Measures
 On Target: Performance Exceeds Benchmark
 Caution: Performance Within 5% of Benchmark OR Showing Improvement From Base Year (2016)
 Off Target: Performance Declining OR Static From Base Year (2016)
Status Indicators - Initiatives & Strategies
 Completed: Strategy has been fully implemented
 In Progress: Implementation of this strategy has begun but is not complete to-date
 Not Started: Work on this strategy has not started