Operational Excellence
Why This Is Important

In order for this plan to be successfully implemented and our citizens’ directives achieved, public trust in our City government is critical. Building trust with the public should be centered around a culture where City employees treat all associates, citizens and stakeholders with respect, appreciation and value. Trustworthiness should also be demonstrated by an organization that competently and honestly manages citizen resources and strives for excellence through continuous improvement, personal integrity in all situations, and organizational transparency.

Status Indicators - Outcome Measures
 On Target: Performance Exceeds Benchmark
 Caution: Performance Within 5% of Benchmark OR Showing Improvement From Base Year (2016)
 Off Target: Performance Declining OR Static From Base Year (2016)
Status Indicators - Initiatives & Strategies
 Completed: Strategy has been fully implemented
 In Progress: Implementation of this strategy has begun but is not complete to-date
 Not Started: Work on this strategy has not started