Total miles of city streets rehabilitated

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YTD miles of city streets rehabilitated
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This measure highlights the amount of city roadway that has been rehabilitated each year. Rehabilitation is broken down into three categories: Micro Seal (a thin layer is added to the top of existing asphalt pavement in order to help preserve and protect the underlying pavement structure and provide a new driving surface), Mill & Overlay (a portion of the existing asphalt pavement is removed and a new layer is applied, which can greatly extend the life of the street), and Concrete Reconstruction (when a roadway has failed and can no longer be maintained, the road is completely reconstructed with concrete pavement).

The City continues to evaluate its pavement management techniques to ensure roadways last as long as possible.  In 2017, the City began utilizing a new technique called Micro Seal, which ensures that the City is maintaining asphalt streets between the time it's constructed and when it receives a mill and overlay treatment.