On Target
Board of Supervisors 2023

Promote sustainable recreation in partnership with community providers and other jurisdictions to enhance recreational access, support public health and safety, realize economic opportunities, and preserve natural resource assets.

Progress Update

Highlights from Q3 (July 2023 - September 2023) showcase progress and advancement of this second year Board Objective.

  • Development of the Recreation and Resiliency Master Plan is on track
    • Community meetings were held in the Hirschdale Neighborhood and Donner Summit, led by Staff and DesignWorkshop; Blue Forest Conservation Finance and Quantified Ventures provided insights to key stakeholders on outdoor recreation economic impacts and the feasibility of a Headwaters Recreation & Resiliency Fund for advancing natural infrastructure projects;
    • Discussions began with U.S. Forest Service - Tahoe National Forest staff for developing a countywide trail wayfinding and sign system; and
    • Project and core team working groups reviewed survey findings and the draft project matrix, with Staff beginning final verification of the inventory and existing conditions assessment of park districts and various sites countywide.
  • The County and its community partners continued to lead the way with Visitor Safety and Outdoor Recreation Management solutions: 
    • The Outdoor Visitor Safety Fund was fully awarded, with approval of eight additional projects; funding was also set aside for Hirschdale Road parking access and signage along the Tahoe Pyramid Trail route and Donner Summit tourism marketing to support area businesses;
    • The South Yuba River Public Safety Cohort met monthly, overseeing the deployment of life jackets, safety signage, and callboxes at high-use river crossings; the weekly sub-committee meetings was successful at amplifying important safety messaging to the public.
  • Community outreach activities provided greater visibility, awareness and support of recreation projects and initiatives, e.g. Heart of Gold Gravel Race and Festival, Pines to Mines Trail, and Van Norden Meadow Project.
  • County Staff continued to provide leadership, seek funding and build capacity:  
    • Grants were submitted for the CA Regional Climate Collaborative ("RCC") and Northern Sierra Air Quality Management District's programs totaling $1.85M, with project advancement continuing for Pines to Mines Trail and the Van Norden Meadow Restoration & Recreation projects; 
    • Regular meetings were held for the South Yuba River Public Safety Cohort and CCC collaboratives, special district meetings and Nevada County Recreation Coalition; 
    • Consulting continued for Western Nevada County recreation and park districts through grant writing, administrative support, project management and planning assistance; 
    • Panel discussions, presentations and participation provided at the Sustainability Summit, Nevada County Community Leadership Institute and agency meetings; and
    • A Recreation and Resiliency Skillbridge Intern was hired.

Next Steps

Plans for Q4 (October 2023 - December 2023) will continue to focus on implementation of core initiatives and strategies to sustain these efforts long-term, with 5-year funding plans and preparation for the 2024 Board Workshop.

  • Begin internal review and refinement of draft Project Matrix 2.0 with projects, grants, partnerships, financing, and implementation strategies:
    • Conduct interviews with Board Supervisors, partner agencies and community partners to confirm and assess project portfolio and connect projects with project leads, partnerships, and funding strategies;
    • Employ "community navigators" to assist DesignWorkshop with connecting with underrepresented communities; and
    • Ready the planning documents for draft review in early 2024.
  • Visitor Safety and Outdoor Recreation Management strategies and solutions will continue to be a core focus:
    • Year-end analysis of visitation, parking citations and enforcement at South Yuba River State Park and Yuba River crossings will inform future planning;
    • Provide recommendations for improvements at Purdon Crossing and Edward's Crossing; and
    • Site visits, supplemental funding research and community outreach will support ongoing Outdoor Visitor Safety Projects.
  • Planning and development will continue for countywide trail signage, sign plans, Pines to Mines implementation, and various priority initiatives outlined.
  • Recreation collaboratives and outreach activities led by County Staff will focus on 2024 priorities, project advancement and funding support plus the celebration of milestones achieved. 
  • Grants will be submitted for programs funded by the State through the Natural Resources Agency, Dept. of Fish & Wildlife and Dept. of Parks & Recreation.
  • Tools under development will be accessible to partners and the public that support administration, volunteer training and recruitment, marketing and connections to resources.