Funding and Advocacy
Board of Supervisors 2023


Pursue funding and advocacy opportunities to secure resources for Nevada County.

  1. This includes submitting grants, identifying opportunities in State and Federal budgets, engaging in advocacy opportunities, and engaging in/supporting the CERF process.

Progress Update

  • In partnership with Sierra Business Council, submitted grant application for up to $650,000 to the Regional Resilience Grant Program (RRGP) Program, administered by The Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, through Integrated Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Program (ICARP) to be used for planning costs associated with convening a climate collaborative in Western Nevada County as well as development of the Nevada County Climate Action Plan.
  • Submitted grant proposal to Department of Energy Energy Efficiency Block Grant Program to support up to 80% AMI individuals/families with home weatherization, and also workforce capacity; invited for full proposal. Unfortunately, the grant was not selected for award.

Next Steps

  • Leverage Climate Resilience Charter and initial workplan to apply for grant funding to accelerate plan development.
  • Re-evaluate fiscal/resource strategy in light of unsuccessful grant submittals and provide recommendations to Ad Hoc Subcommittee.


On Target
Climate Resilience
Board of Supervisors 2023


Ariel Lovett