On Target
Harden Critical Infrastructure
Board of Supervisors 2023


Protect and Harden Critical Infrastructure

  1. Implement Community Choice Aggregation (CCA)
  2. Explore strategies and partnerships on water infrastructure.
  3. Coordinate and support existing work.
    1. Further Organic waste reduction compliance.
    2. Develop Fleet and ZEV infrastructure.
    3. Promote community hardening and workforce capacity.
    4. Support County Energy Action plan.
    5. Leverage wildfire prevention funding.
    6. Further work on telecommunications.

Progress Update

  1. CCA: Pursuant to Board direction, staff presented research on California Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) programs, to the Board of Supervisors. Partnered with Pioneer Community Energy to complete an Impact Assessment Study to identify the overall energy needs of Nevada County constituents and the anticipated fiscal impacts to Pioneer Community Energy to expand service into unincorporated Nevada County.
  2. Nevada County Transit Services has begun the process of transitioning its medium and heavy-duty bus fleet to zero emission vehicles with the purchase of two 35ft low-floor battery electric transit buses and the related charging equipment. The completion of this initial implementation phase is expected to be done by March of 2025. The time lag from the receipt of the buses and completion of initial phase is due to the delay in being able to obtain the required electrical panel equipment, which currently has a production queue of 12-18 months.
  3. Awarded contract to Lordis Electric for Electric Bus Charging Project Nevada County Operations Center (NCOC) Phase-1
  4. Contracted with Momentum to develop the County’s Zero Emissions Bus Rollout Plan as required by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to comply with the Innovative Clean Transit (ICT) regulation requiring all California public transit agencies to gradually transition their bus fleets to zero emission technologies
  5. Note: Climate-aligned progress related to Broadband and Emergency Preparedness is not duplicated; please see those objectives.

Next Steps

Continue to work with applicable departments and regional stakeholders  to identify and advance opportunities that protect and harden critical infrastructure. 


On Target
Climate Resilience
Board of Supervisors 2023