On Target
Update the County's “Broadband Strategy.”
Board of Supervisors 2023


The Board of Supervisors adopted Nevada County’s Broadband Strategy in October 2019. The plan was developed in partnership with Sierra Business Council, focusing on impactful strategies that prioritize actions within the County’s control, specifically local policy and planning, local funding mechanisms, and partnerships that will advance broadband coverage within Nevada County.  

Strategic broadband policy and planning, such as the County’s programmatic EIR, set Nevada County apart from other rural counties for new funding opportunities and position Nevada County to advance broadband connectivity for economic development, job creation, and bridging the digital divide. 

SBC and the Broadband Work Group plan to update this important strategic document in 2022. 

Progress Update

The County’s Broadband Workgroup continues to regularly connive and advise the county’s strategy on the development of broadband on an ongoing basis that includes representatives from Information General Services Agency, the County’s Chief Information Officer, County Executive Office, Community Development Agency, Public Works, Nevada County Planning Department, Economic Development and the Board of Supervisors. Key updates were incorporated into the Nevada County Broadband Strategy Plan

Next Steps

The county’s consultant, Sierra Business Council (SBC) shall work and partner with the County on any updates as needed and going forward.


On Target
Board of Supervisors 2023