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Facilitate and promote partnerships for the development of affordable and supportive housing
Homeless Plan 2023


The long-term solution to homelessness in California is the development of more affordable housing. While the Nevada County Health and Human Services Agency is taking the lead on alleviating homelessness in the short term, collaboration with other County agencies and other jurisdictions on this core issue will be necessary to add housing and achieve long term relief from housing cost burdens.

Progress Update

Q3 updates:

  • Behavioral Health Community Infrastructure Program funds were awarded to purchase a property on Sutton Way to be used as a day center and navigation center. Escrow closed on the property on September 15 and staff are currently working to pull down grant funding and begin renovations.
  • Empire Mine Courtyards acquired through Homekey funds has been converted into permanent affordable housing. Units are complete and residents are moved in. 
  • Community Care Expansion (CCE) in the amount of $2,700,000 has been awarded to complete construction of the Ranch House. All approvals and permits are complete and construction is set to begin in October 2023. Estimated completion is September 2024.
  • Pacific Crest Commons will provide 10 supportive housing units in Truckee. Round 4 No Place Like Home funding has been awarded and the project has also secured $2M in local soft financing for development costs.  Federal tax credit awards will be announced in November. 
  • The Affordable Workforce and Housing Team meets monthly and is a collaboration between the Community Development Agency and Health and Human Services to advance development of affordable and workforce housing through coordination on projects and policies.
  • Round 3 PLHA allocations in the amount of $928,837 were awarded in November 2022. Awarded funds will be used for the Local Housing Trust Fund (LHTF) match application along with $500,000 in local funds and $500,000 in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds. Application for LHTF was submitted May 17, 2023. Awards to be announced next quarter.
  • A Request for Proposal (RFP) was released through the Western Nevada County Regional Housing Trust Fund for 60% AMI or below affordable rental housing in January 2023. A developer was selected to complete phase 2 of Lone Oak Senior Apartments in Penn Valley for 31 units of low income senior housing.
  • An RFP for owner occupied construction was released in May. Habitat for Humanity has been selected to develop an owner occupied house in Grass Valley.

Next Steps

  • Continue Affordable and Workforce Housing Team monthly meetings.
  • Continue to consider possible Homekey projects. 


Rob Choate (Housing and Community Services)
Angela Masker (HHSA)
Erin Mettler
Erin Mettler (HHSA)