On Target
Strengthen housing focused case management and post housing supportive services
Homeless Plan 2023


Homeless individuals or those at risk of homelessness need continued support to acquire and maintain housing. Housing supports, Full-Service Partnership, and behavioral health case management in concert with the Housing Resource Team provides the support necessary to retain housing. 


Phebe Bell (Behavioral Health)

Progress Update

Q3 updates: 

  • Purchased and opened a new permanent supportive house supported by 24/7 full-service partnership staffing and services. We have 7 clients housed at this location.
  • Brunswick Commons has been in operation for over a year providing 12 units of Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH). To date, PSH units have remained consistently occupied with minimal turnover. Empire Mine Courtyard was completed and added 6 units of PSH, and the 24/7 BH supportive housing was completed and is providing 7 units of PSH. Pacific Crest Commons is still in the planning phases but will provide 10 units of PSH once completed. Ranch House project will add 6 units of PSH upon completion in 2024, construction was started in Q3 2023. Badger Lane will also provide up to 6 units of PSH once renovations are completed, located adjacent to the Home Key project, estimated to be completed in 2024.
  • The Housing Support Team is fully staffed with 3 Post Housing Support Specialists that have served over 90 households, including 18 households housed at the new Empire Mine Courtyard. The Housing Support Team has a dedicated staff position embedded in recovery residency programs with the sole role of working to navigate recovery residence stayers into permanent housing.

Next Steps