Solar Energy Installation Capacity

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The City of Charlottesville supports increases in renewable sources for energy generation. Solar energy is one technology particularly suitable to Charlottesville. As of June 2014, the City began tracking permit applications for solar photovoltaic (solar PV) systems installed within the city boundaries.

The data below shows the cumulative number of solar PV permits and the cumulative generation capacity of solar PV systems within the City of Charlottesville. This data includes both city-owned and privately-owned solar PV systems. Data shown for FY2014 is partial due to former tracking limitations.

The Environmental Sustainability Division promotes this climate protection strategy.


The data shows ongoing increases in the number of solar PV systems within the city and in the generation capacity. Pursuit of solar energy generation has been identified as a strategy of interest in the City’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Report, the City’s Comprehensive Plan, and the Local Climate Action Planning Process (LCAPP) Report.

Continue to promote and support purchasing programs, incentives, tools, and solar education within the community. Consider how to identify and address possible barriers for additional community sectors where interest may exist.
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Solar Energy Installation Capacity
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