Environmental Sustainability Footprint - Increase Renewables

Public Works

When and where practical, targeted investments are made in on-site renewable energy generation, typically solar photovoltaic (PV) systems placed on the roofs of City or City School buildings. 

Existing solar PV systems include: Charlottesville High School Rooftop (108 kW), CHS Ground-Mounted Tracking System (3.84 kW), EcoRemod (5.81 kW), Facilities Maintenance (21.12 kW), Lugo McGinniss Academy (9.44 kW), Fontaine Fire Station (17.7 kW), City Yard Warehouse (44.25 kW), and Smith Aquatics Center (40.53 kW).


"With continued expansion of city-wide renewable energy, two more PV systems were completed and went online in the fall of 2016: a 44.25 kW roof mounted system on the City Yard Warehouse and a 40.53 kW array on the roof of the Smith Aquatics Center.

Future systems are in the development stages on municipal and school facilitites. (CHS Rooftop, EcoRemod, and Lugo McGinness energy generation appear lower due to communications issues with the system preventing tracking of 12 months of data. This issue is being resolved.)"

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Environmental Sustainability Footprint - Increase Renewables
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