In 2016, the City contracted with The Novak Consulting Group to perform an organizational efficiency study. After months of work, a report was provided to City Council and staff that includes recommendations designed to improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of City services. The recommendations contained in this report are based on Novak's analysis of input and information provided by City staff and informed by industry standards and best practices applicable to Charlottesville.

Following the presentation of the report in January 2017, Novak developed a plan to assist the City of Charlottesville with implementation of, or in some cases reconsideration of based on further staff study and input, the recommendations outlined in the Efficiency Study report. The work involved in implementing these recommendations must be integrated into the other work of the City and its departments, with appropriate assignments of responsibility for implementation and with the identification of specific planned completion dates. Recommendations have been categorized into three categories based on these criteria:

  • Priority 1: Important to accomplish without delay or has significant operational or financial implications.
  • Priority 2: Second tier of importance to accomplish and/or may involve some complexity or time to complete.
  • Priority 3: Least urgent to complete and/or may take longer to set up or execute.

The specific plans for implementation and/or further consideration of Priority 1 Recommendations are outlined in this report. Those that are Priority 1 were first recommended as such by Novak and then each recommendation was reviewed further by City staff and was re-prioritized accordingly. The recommendation numbers correspond with the Efficiency Study Report. Updates on the other recommendations will be forthcoming as they are prioritized. The full report, staff comments on each recommendation, and the presentation given to Council are below:

Click on each recommendation in the below table to see a summary narrative, status, milestones and timelines.

Between July 2017 and January 2018, Novak did a supplemental efficiency review of Neighborhood Development Services.  The report was finalized in February 2018 and contains several recommendations in addition to the ones made in the fuller study done last year that Council and staff will begin to discuss and consider.  There is funding included in the FY 2019 City Manager's Proposed Budget for a new position (role to be determined) that starts to address some of the issues identified in the supplemental review.  City Council will discuss this and determine the path during the budget discussions in the next few months.  The NDS report can be found here  Several other supplemental studies were performed during the summer and fall of 2017 for the Department of Human ResourcesFleet Management and the City Warehouse


1.  Click on the following links for status updates on these particular studies:  

                    Human Resources              

                   Fleet Management

2.  At this time, there is nothing to report on the City Warehouse study.  Staff has been focusing on the Procurement and Risk Management efficiency study recommendations that are in the citywide study, the progress of those shown below.  Staff will begin focusing more on this study once some key vacancies are filled and other projects are prioritized.  

Priority 1 Recommendations - In Progress